• "Your studio, without a doubt, is my absolute favorite from all the spinning studios I have tried around the world. and I have tried quite a few in UK, Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong, US... I loved the performance displays allowing me to track my performance and your trainers are top notch."

  • "I am absolutely loving the classes!!! It was very challenging when I started (the first day I thought I was going to pass out) but slowly am getting there. The team is fantastic…they push me to lengths I never thought possible (like cycling for 45 minutes straight). I am very glad I started this journey as I already feel much better about myself!"

  • "Very happy so far, Reform is the best thing I discovered this year. The classes are well run, the instructors are very professional, the studio is always spotlessly clean : I have re-worked my schedule to fit in to making it to Reform for a class!"

  • "Thank you for continuously according me the opportunity to commit to a course and ultimately taking my fitness level to a higher level. July was a very focused month thanks to the competition. It was intense and am glad i participated."

  • "The number one thing I love about Reform is the customer service-- they greet you by name every time, give you high fives, and ask for (and actually listen to) your feedback. The other thing I love is the instructors, who are passionate and good at what they do. The quality of the bike studio is the best I've seen in Nairobi so far. You get used to watching your stats-- it can be a tiny bit competitive when you want but it's all in fun and good spirit!"

  • "I love the team - such a great receptionists who is totally pro active, knows who you are, grabs the shoes, gives advice, points things out - and the trainers are super great at giving adaptations, you have built a great company and a great team!"



After every Reform indoor cycling class, you'll receive a personalized email setting out your performance data from your class.



Reform is an international community made up of people who share a love for exercising, cycling and group exercise. Our clients come from every corner of the globe including Kenya, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Sweden, Hungary, Finland, Germany, South Africa, Mongolio, Yemen, India, Uganda, Brazil, Mauritius, Israel and the UK. The Reform fitness community is fun, supportive, generous and supportive of each other. 


In December 2016, we held a 3 hour marathon indoor cycling ride for Jaipur Foot Trust, which makes prosthetic legs for amputees. With the assistance of our clients who rode for 3 hours and donated money, which Reform matched, we raised money to be able to build 3 prosthetic legs.


In November 2017, following the destruction of property and businesses in Kawangware resulting from the violence that stemmed from 2017 political elections, we held 2 Peace and Unity Rides and raised money to purchase supplies to donate to the victims of political violence in Kawangware. In December 2017, we held a 3 hour fitness challenge to raise money for Jaipur Foot Trust.


In July and August 2018, we trained a team for the pedal kart race which raised funds for various charities.

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