When you join the Reform community, you become part of a multicultural fitness family who push and support each other in Reform's fitness classes. If you have a particular fitness goal in mind, we are here to support and help you reach these goals because we want you to be the best version of yourself. If your fitness goal is to improve cardio conditioning, or reduce your body fat, or build your strength, these are the Reform or Les Mills Virtual Classes we recommend you stick to consistently 3 to 4 times per week for at 3 three months. Click here for our class schedule.






All our indoor cycling classes are geared to improve your cardio conditioning. You can track your progress through our Reform Board which will display your performance data in live stream and you'll get a personalized email after class with your "Stats" from class! For any of our pure indoor cycling classes or hybrid indoor cycling classes, we provide you with SPD cleats so all you need to bring is water, a face towel and wear socks. 


Discovery Ride 

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The Reform Discovery Ride is a free class which is designed to ensure you ride safely and enjoyably so you get the most from your Reform Ride. You’ll learn:

  • How to set up your bike

  • How to clip our cycling shoes to your bike

  • Correct form and cycling techniques

  • Be provided an introduction to the Reform Board 

This class is mandatory if you would like to take any of the indoor cycling classes or hybrid indoor cycling and strength classes. If you have done indoor cycling elsewhere and have used SPD cleats and a bike computer, please email us at to request a waiver for the discovery ride. 


Beat Ride | Endurance Ride 
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The Beat Ride is an endorphin-blasting cardio workout designed to ride to the rhythm and beat of the music as our instructor guides you on your ride. These are high intensity, low impact cardio focused classes which focus on cardio conditioning. If you are an outdoor cyclist, competitive cyclist or been attending our Beat Ride consistently for over 6 months, try our 60 minutes Endurance Ride which is structured like the Beat Ride but with longer intervals and hill climbs.


Friday Pre-Party Ride 
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Friday evening rolls around and we want you to relax, shake the week's stress off and join us for a fun, energetic ride. We change the theme of the music each week so you may ride to Michael Jackson beats one week, 90s the next and rock the week after. It's an awesome class to end the week and get you ready to enjoy your weekend!



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Our hybrid cycling classes are designed to ensure you get a combination of a cardio and strength focused workout. The first half of our hybrid class will always focus on cardio conditioning in our cycling studio. The second half of the hybrid class takes place in our strength studio and each class is designed to focus on different parts of your body.



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If you are new to indoor cycling or someone who gets out of breath quickly when exposed to moderate physical activity, this class will help you gradually improve your cardio conditioning.  You will be on the bike for 15 minutes, then off the bike to do resistance training and repeat this cycle again. You'll get a combination of cardio and resistance training in a space of 45 minutes. Do about 10 to 15 of these classes consistently and you can easily progress onto our other hybrid classes or even our 45 minutes beat ride!

Body Shredder 

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This 1 hour total body workout comprises 30 minutes of an interval training in our indoor cycling studio and 30 minutes of strength focused exercises in our strength studio. This class is great for anybody who wants to simultaneously improve their cardio levels and building their strength.



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This class focuses on 30 minutes of interval training in our indoor cycling studio to get your heart rate up followed by 15 minutes of core focused strength exercises and 15 minutes of flexibility exercises in our strength studio.

Ride & Pump It 

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This class consists of 30 minutes of a cardio interval focused workout in our indoor cycling studio followed by 30 minutes of a barbell workout to sculpt your body. If you enjoy our power hour and beat ride classes, you will love this hybrid class.




All of our strength classes focus on principally using your own body weight with various props to facilitate the movement. Each of our classes focuses on building strength in different muscle groups in your body with the aim of improving muscular endurance and improving bone density. 

Power Hour 

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This is a pure strength focused class principally using barbells to sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body. You'll get an upper and lower body as well as a core workout through high repetition movements with low weight loads. 

Basic Pilates 

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This class is great for those new to pilates. This group class will help you develop core strength and stability. You will learn simple, precise movements to tone muscles and heighten body awareness, and improve your posture. 

Core Strength 

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This is an intermediate  to advanced level pilates class which incorporates the BOSU ball and Pilates stick to improve your endurance in your postural and core muscles. We recommend you have taken at least 5 pilates classes with us or elsewhere before you join this class. If you've used the Reformer pilates machine, you'll love our pilates stick which incorporates many of the same exercises.

Basic Barre 

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Barre encompasses elements of pilates, cardio and strength training to create a high energy class. We have two types of barre classes both of which are going to strengthen, tone and chisel your body. The constant pulsing theme in all our moves will be sure to make you feel the burn in your muscles within a minute of the exercise starting! This class is great for anyone new to barre. You'll get an overall body workout in this class and leave class feeling like every muscle in your body worked.

Power Barre 

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This is an intermediate barre class which incorporates an athletic twist by adding an element of cardio. The tempo of this class is much faster than our Basic Barre class so be prepared to transition from one move to the next quickly!


Yoga Flow 

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This class requires you to move gracefully from one yoga pose to the next. Generally, each movement in to or out of a posture is made on an inhalation or exhalation, so the yoga unites the breath with the movement in a choreographed sequence. If your focus is to improve your strength and flexibility simultaneously, this is the class for you!


cardio core


If you want a high intensity working combining cardio conditioning with specific strength focused exercises, join any of these 45 minutes hybrid classes.


Resistance Bootcamp

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This strength focused class gets you rapidly moving from one station to the next in quick transition. The exercises use various props and your own body weight with the objective of targeting specific muscles and improving their endurance. 


Cardio Sculpt

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This class simultaneously improves your cardiovascular fitness along with your overall body strength in just 45 minutes. This calorie blasting class will burn over 400 calories and before you know it class is done.


Core Cardio

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This class puts your body through its paces testing your core and challenging your cardiovascular fitness. If you are looking to firm up your core, this is the class for you.

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