To join a Reform class you need to: (1) form your Reform online account; (2) purchase Reform Credits by cash or credit card at our reception desk or via M-PESA; and (3) book your class online.


How many classes is 1 Reform Credit?

1 Reform Credit = 1 class

How much do Reform Credits Cost?

You can purchase 1, 5, 10, 15 or 20 Reform Credits which have expiry dates. Alternatively, you can purchase a 1 week unlimited class membership. We also have various offers which you can take advantage of. Click here to see our prices.


Can I use my Reform Credit to take any Reform class?

Yes, use your Reform Credit to take whichever Reform class you wish to take.

Can I share Reform Credits with my family member?

With the exception of our introductory pack of Reform Credits, you can share your Reform Credits with your family members. Each family member must form a Reform Account first. Once this is done, let Reform's front desk know which accounts you would like us to link up.

Do the Reform Credits have an expiry date?

Yes, Reform Credits expire depending on the which Reform credit package you purchase.

Can I transfer my unused Reform Credits to my friend or relative?

Reform Credits cannot be transferred to another account.

How do I check my Reform Credits account balance?

  • Click on "Login to my Reform account" and login using your Reform email and password
  • Go to "My Purchases" to see how many Reform Credits you have left in your account


Can I take Reform's classes if I am pregnant?

We have had several clients who are pregnant take our cycling and pilates classes. However, we recommend you take advice from your doctor before you take any of our classes.

How do I book my class online?

You must have Reform Credits in your account before you can book your classes online. To book your classes online:

  • Go to our website and click on "Login to my Reform account" - login using your Reform email and password
  • Go to "Book a class" and click "Sign Up" next to the class you would like to book
  • Logout of your Reform Account

How early should I arrive before class?

Arrive at least 10 minutes before your class is due to start and inform out front desk which class you are taking so they can sign you in. Please purchase your Reform Credits before class to enable us to sign you in for class and so that you receive your performance data.

What if I am late to class?

If you are more than 5 minutes late to class, the front desk will not permit you to enter class. This is to ensure your own safety and to prevent disruption to the class. 3 emergency passes per year will be provided to each Reformer so if you don't cancel class within our 12 hour cancellation window, the first 3 times you will not be charged. After you have used up your 3 emergency credits, we will deduct a Reform Credit from your account if you are late to class and we don't permit you to enter / don't show up to class / cancel outside our cancellation window.

How do I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation up to 12 hours before your class i.e. if your class is at 6 pm, you must cancel your class before 6 am on the same day. To cancel your reservation:

  • Go to "Login to my Reform account" and login using your Reform email and password;

  • Select "Cancel" under the Action column beside the class you reserved.

If a reservation is cancelled less than 12 hours before the start of a class or you do not show up, we will deduct one of your 3 emergency passes allocated to your account. After your 3 emergency passes have been used, we will deduct 1 Reform Credit from your account account.



What do I need to do before I can take any of Reform's Indoor Cycling Classes?


You need to complete a mandatory Reform Discovery Ride class before you can participate in any of these classes. This class is offered several times per week - see our timetable for when you can take this class. You can request for a waiver of this class by emailing us at A waiver will only be granted if we are satisfied you have done classes at other gyms or studios which require you to wear cycling shoes and have a bike computer on the bike.


Do I need to wear cycling shoes for your indoor cycling classes?


We provide cycling shoes to you and we recommend you ride with them. Wearing cycling shoes during our classes promotes more efficient movement, engages the hamstring and quadriceps effectively and recruits the calves and shin muscles during the pedal stroke.

Should I get my performance data from the Reform Board by email after each class?


You will get an email sent to you after each class and this data will also be stored in your online account. 




Do I need to bring my own water bottle and towel?

Reform has a water dispenser so you can fill up your own water bottle. However, if you forget your water bottle, Reform offers a water bottle and towel service for a small extra cost.


Where can I safely store my belongings?

Reform has lockers outfitted with digital locks which you can safely store your belongings in. Instructions on how to open and close the digital lock are on each locker.


Do you have changing rooms and shower facilities?

Reform has a ladies and gents bathroom containing 3 showers each. If you would like to use the toilet facilities or there is no room in the Reform changing room, you can use Western Heights’ ladies or gents washrooms which is directly behind the Reform studio.


Where can I park?

We have reserved parking spots for Reform customers at basement 1 - Spots 11, 12 and 13. Western Heights has a visitor’s parking area in basement 2. If no parking is available in the Western Heights parking lot, you can safely park your car in the main parking lot of Sarit Centre (next to Western Heights) by purchasing a swipe from Sarit Centre and loading it with money. This parking lot is a 1 minute walk from Western Heights.

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