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"Kenya is ready says female fitness entrepreneurs"

"This indoor cycling studio is the newest on the block. It’s beautiful, and the equipment is top notch. And competitive people rejoice: you can see your real-time energy scores on a board at the front of the class. Don’t miss the Friday afternoon Pre-Party ride class; designed to get riders pumped for the weekend, the one-hour ride turns the lights low and the volume high. Spin not your jam? Check out Reform’s strength studio and take in sweeping city views while you’re lifting and tucking in a barre class or working up a sweat in circuit."

"Offering the world's most sought-after fitness experiences under one luxurious roof, Reform Cycling and Strength Studio features online class scheduling, digital lockers, spa-quality showers, Schwinn Carbon Blue cycles with performance tracking, BOSU, Pilates, circuit and barre classes.The studio boasts a complete mind/body experience at an affordable price for fitness enthusiasts in Kenya."

"You’d want a place that’s welcoming, clean, has more than one class on offer and nurturing....Here are four reasons why the Reform and Cycling Strength Studio is the gym you’ve been searching for:
1. Class Variety: They say variety is the spice of life if so, Reform has all the spice you can handle. Not only does a varied workout help you stay in great shape, it also makes working out exciting.
2. Professional Trainers: you can expect only the crème de la crème of trainers at Reform.
3. Fun Included: Reform’s Friday Pre-Party Ride is the only game in town
4. All the Equipment is Provided: they offer you all the equipment you need to make your gym experience worth every shilling"

"Reform, Cycling and Strength Studio is the kind of place where working out is fun and trainers who make you feel comfortable enough to push yourself further are a reality. However, what makes these two seemingly hard classes fun and easy to do, is the trainers. They’re attentive, professional and considerate enough to take you at your pace. In some cases, they will even adjust a certain move in the class to suit your fitness level. That’s the kind of attention and consideration that makes every class at Reform worthwhile."
"A Kenyan entrepreneur bringing the world of high tech fitness to Nairobi's residents"

"I’m not sure if it’s the combination of the loud music or the instructor or even the competition between you and the rest of your class, but you will come out of the session fully worked out."

"High Quality Fitness"

"From Tennis Superstar to Fitness Entrepreneur" - Number 1 Business Story in Africa.Com

"The Kenyan entrepreneur mixing fitness with technology"

"Reform is best known for its spinning or indoor cycling classes"

"Are you looking for a serious weight loss plan or do you want something that will literally (and mercilessly) peel the calories screaming out of your system in one swoop? I recommend that you take the cycling class. Any time you fall out of line, there’s a very giant screen displaying your stats, ready to remind you that you are fooling no one! To summarise, this is not a place to go to if you want your make-up to remain intact. It’s serious business and value for money."

"Reform Cycling and Strength Studio is another fitness studio offering barre classes"

"Tapping into Nairobi's growing fitness trend"

"Technology puts new spin on indoor cycling"

"In developing markets like Kenya, a former lawyer has jumped on the opportunity to pioneer the capital’s first SoulCycle-style indoor spinning studio. The opening of Reform Cycling and Strength Studio in Nairobi this month, indicates growth potential for East Africa’s boutique fitness industry."

"This is truly an amazing story of how one woman through her courage, strength and convictions is seeking to improve the health of families in her native land"

"Life Reforming Open Day Peaks Interest"


"Your studio, without a doubt, is my absolute favorite from all the spinning studios I have tried around the world. and I have tried quite a few in UK, Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong, US... I loved the performance displays allowing me to track my performance and your trainers are top notch."

"The rides were fantastic and I am well addicted already. Something about seeing the numbers as well as having a good instructor with an obvious passion for cycling." 

"I have totally enjoyed the [Tour de Reform]! There is something about that white board!!! Wanting to see your name on it! Killy has pushed me to levels I never thought possible…there were moments when I literally wanted to get off the bike and take off…but Killy has a way of encouraging you through it."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the [Tour de Reform], not just the structure but the camaraderie that developed along the way between all the participants. The stages were well planned and each extremely challenging in their own right, and I would definitely enter and take part in any future competitions."  

"I am absolutely loving the classes!!! It was very challenging when I started (the first day I thought I was going to pass out) but slowly am getting there. The team is fantastic…they push me to lengths I never thought possible (like cycling for 45 minutes straight). I am very glad I started this journey as I already feel much better about myself!"

"You've helped me not only physically but also mentally to manage stress levels, do keep it up and see you next year!"

"Very happy so far, Reform is the best thing I discovered this year. The classes are well run, the instructors are very professional, the studio is always spotlessly clean : I have re-worked my schedule to fit in to making it to Reform for a class!"

"I very much enjoy your indoor cycling classes. Victor and Emmanuel are fantastic instructors, these classes are a great addition to our Nairobi fitness community"

"I am such a big fan of Reform, its my new addiction now :). I absolutely love the feeling"

"The instructors are very likeable, knowledgeable – full of energy smiles and encouragement. The lady in the reception is very helpful and friendly.
The Studio is clean (matts cleaned too, which you dont see in many gyms) and has exactly what it needs."

"The class was super! Reform staff and service excellent! I'll definitely do it again"

"The class this morning was fantastic! I'm so glad I found you guys. I'll definitely be back again soon -- probably this weekend! :)"

"Emmanuel is an excellent [indoor cycling] teacher and I feel completely at ease taking on cycling with him instructing"

"Both I and my sister enjoyed the class immensely. Victor is a superb ambassador for your studio. Edwina was very lovely as well"

"I also loved the workout on Saturday - amazing studio and fabulous classes!"

"I liked the quality of the bikes, being able to monitor and compare all our efforts on screen, plus the nice lockers too. I found it true that your facility is unique here in Nairobi."

"Victor did an incredible job leading the class and pushing us all to new heights. I loved how he was really clear in his communication to us, and gave us countdowns to know how long we would be pushing it for… to me that’s the most important thing in a class! He was really encouraging, positive, smiley, and supportive. I’d say compared to US standards, my experience at Reform stood up to others as a premium spin experience. The studio is clean and beautiful, and the equipment was awesome"

"We were at Reform on Saturday and had a brilliant cycling session. Your staff are friendly and professional. We all greatly enjoyed the experience and look forward to regular sessions"

"I absolutely loved the class and that's saying a lot cos I'm not really a gym person, I mostly work out at home. But I thoroughly enjoyed it and the instructor was amazing"

"I absolutely loved the class and wouldn't change anything at all! Will definitely start coming more often!"

"I wanted to send an email to say thank you for the fantastic class last week and to say I’ll be back"

"I really enjoy Killy's classes - he is honestly an awesome instructor. He knows how and when to push people, but is very humble with it. His use of music is phenomenal."

"I loved the pilates class. David is a great instructor."

"I've been to two classes so far and loved them (after the fact... during I thought I was going to die).  I have loved the personalized attention in class. I live down the block and I love it"


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